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Baby SSS Clothes in NEW Children's Play! by LiyuConberma

This one has a fun feel to it. I like how the hood would look on Shadow, along with the hat on Sonic. I am not shore how you would do t...

Commission for Setack-Skrfo by LiyuConberma

Great on the color as always. Nice view of the look that he is in a battle and pushed back while fighting. The dirt is simply drown but...



Feelings 223 by WarriorCute
Feelings 223
Big thanks to (Credits): Square Enix & Disney, kazuki9484, rainbow,  2234083174 and  Terrathde(layla), Jakkaeront (jasmine),  BryanRush(aurora), (snow white) danit09182 BryanRush (cinderalla),  redRevolutionnaireketokeasMMD3DCGParts(stage), xehanort-trash (Ienzo), Jakkaeront(alice), CaxceberXVI(Kairi)Kohaku-Ume(portal),  kazuki9484(sora), Kohaku-Ume(riku), SanctuarysEmbrace(Disney princess), SnowEmbrace(kairi), Tokami-Fuko or 0-0-Alice-0-0 or Valforwing(alice), btabckaahgomeWampa842Ussy-P(skydom),  redRevolutionnaire(Keyblade),  ATxXx and blazincheshirecat(necklance), Pose: Axelxlea,MagicalPouchOfMagicCorruptedDestinySnorlaxinNeverliaChoiMinYeon Chyaari,
Feelings 222 by WarriorCute
Feelings 222
Big thanks to (Credits): Square Enix & Disney, kazuki9484, rainbow,  2234083174 (layla), Jakkaeront (jasmine),  BryanRush(aurora), (snow white) danit09182 BryanRush (cinderalla),  redRevolutionnaire and MMD3DCGParts(stage), xehanort-trash (Ienzo), Jakkaeront(alice), CaxceberXVI(Kairi), JackFrostOverland & Valforwing(mew), Kohaku-Ume(portal),  kazuki9484(sora), Kohaku-Ume(riku), Pose: SnowEmbraceAxelxleaCorruptedDestinyNeverliaChyaari
Feelings 220 by WarriorCute
Feelings 220
Big thanks to (Credits): Square Enix & Disney, kazuki9484; kazuki9484 and MMD3DCGParts(stage), (terra, aqua, ventus)Chyaaridanit09182(sora), Kohaku-Ume(Kohaku, kairi, keyblades), JackFrostOverland & Valforwing(mew), Valforwing(keyblades), Fly-Into-The-Sunset(charm), SanctuarysEmbrace(xion), o-DeadSilverVirus-o(phone), Pose:ChyaariNeverliaSnowEmbraceAxelxlea
Feelings 219 by WarriorCute
Feelings 219
Big thanks to (Credits): Square Enix & Disney, kazuki9484; kazuki9484(stage), (terra, aqua, ventus)Chyaaridanit09182(sora), Kohaku-Ume(Kohaku, kairi, keyblades), Elevit-StockFrostBoJSSanDA(effects/ magic), Valforwing(keyblades), Fly-Into-The-Sunset(charm), (sora)MysticalAngels... I think, Pose:ShootingStarBlueinnaaleksuiSnowEmbraceMagicalPouchOfMagiccrystalwingskeybladeKohaku-UmeChyaariCorruptedDestinyNeverliaMMDMikuMikuLenDaughterofWolves. Tell me if I missed anyone, please.
Interesting thing about my Download Folder. I may not or don't comment on DL I add is odd I know. I add to not forget who I am going to and need to give credit too. I want to make shore I give credit where credit is do. I know I should comment but I try to make shore they work since I have a mac that is not too kind to the MMD program. Hope you understand. Thanks.


WarriorCute's Profile Picture
Kameelah D.
United States
A Jamerican (Jamaican and American breed) born and raised in San Diego. I work most of the time. When I go out it is with friends, yet I make sure they are having fun and not getting hurt. I am quiet at first then I become talkative and funny. When super tired I just put on comfy clothes and lay in bed. I go to church when I can and go places when I can.
I have my girly side yet have a boy side to me too. Girly side likes clothes, boys and a stuffed animal on the bed. Boy side likes comics, video games and action TV. I like to learn new things, whether it be about math, movies, psychology or art (comic book art, pop art, museum galleries, medieval, etc). I cook here and there, but mainly if I have directions to read off of. Horrible I know. I also get along with kids and like animals (shocking).


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La love by Indae  Thx Fave Word Bubble by Mirz123   
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I don't know if you remmember me from the oficial Winx Club forum (I'm harpa, one of the PT Minimods).

We have been promoting a new forum, very simillar to the old one.
We would love if could join us on:

Thank you! :)
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You're welcome :)
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I like your new username ^^
WarriorCute Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Thank you. It was a nickname my little brother gave me and my sister a long time ago. It fits. :) (Smile) 
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Nice comics !! ^^
WarriorCute Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015
Thank you so much! 5 seconds hug :badteethhug: 
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Yep ! ^^
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Thanks for the watch!~
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