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Baby SSS Clothes in NEW Children's Play! by LiyuConberma

This one has a fun feel to it. I like how the hood would look on Shadow, along with the hat on Sonic. I am not shore how you would do t...

Commission for Setack-Skrfo by LiyuConberma

Great on the color as always. Nice view of the look that he is in a battle and pushed back while fighting. The dirt is simply drown but...



Sindal by WarriorCute
Big thanks to (Credits): Neverlia(pose), Kohaku-Ume(Model); AlionaLawlietSilver-Nova-07(dagger), kaahgomedl & Deexie(stage)

Name: Sindal   Gender: Female   
Sexuality: Straight    Age:23    Job: Demon Hunter    Nickname: CeCe, Sindy, Death Dealer
Birth place: She will always say "Earth"    Species: Nephilim   

Sindal is the child of a human mother and fallen angel father. She has never felt set anywhere. Being told most of her life that "Death will follow you" she stoped caring. One day, with her Mom's side of the family demons attacked and Sindal unleashed a blasted of dark purple energy that killed almost everyone. Then her "father" showed up and gave her a dagger to hold and use her power wisely  Knowing she will never have a "regular" life he asked what is her purpose and how will she use her power. Feeling bad for her he asked her to "atone" for him since He can't go back to Heaven. Sindal Agrees.
    When Sindal gets jobs she will just be taken to other worlds to deal with treats that world can't handle. After each battle she will be taken to another world or the Demon Hurters Gild. During one of her adventures she meets Rockie and becomes friends with her. After another battle she was whisked to another world but was interspersed by a creature and lands in Port Royal. Banged up pretty bad she is found by Jonathan. 
    Sindal has a healing factor yet will heal complete when she thinks she's safe. Even when injured Sindal will keep fighting until the treat is dead. Sindal can use any weapon that is near her or inside someone. When she "loses it" she will eat the heart of the demon she killed. Sindal hates feeding on the hearts so when fighting she keeps her cool and has a very cold demeanor when fighting. Sindal absorb the enery of demons by the blood that lands on her. She sleeps when she can and bathes after almost every battle. She is the sweeted person you will ever meet but in battle...she is a monster.
Jonathan by WarriorCute
Big thanks to (Credits): whitepaopu(stage), Chyaari(pose), Kohaku-Ume(Models)

Name: Jonathan      Gender: Male    Sexuality: Straight    Age:26    Job: Works at a tavern and runs an orphanage with his Uncle
Nickname: Compass, Jay, Nate (That he hates)  Ability: Can never be "Lost"; always knows were to go

Jonathan was the son of two adventurous parents. Before leaving they left him a grand estate with his Uncle to "keep his power safe". Years later both Jonathan and his Uncle turned the home into an orphanage for children lost in wars or storms. When Jonathan got older he would dress in ways to upset the "High Society" he is in and to stand out.
    When he was ten, Jonathan went walking about Port Royal and was gone for hours. Being concerned and raining his Uncle was going to go look for him. When he walked outside Jonathan was standing in the rain. When asked did he get lost Jonathan replied "I was waiting for the lighting to stop." On other occasions when people are lost Jonathan would find them. When people need to get to places Jonathan would tell them were to go. No matter what Jonathan can't get "lost", if he was in another world or different place he will get to any place he needs to go. He is the best person to ask for directions to were ever they need to do. Many of the kids call him "Compass" because one way or another he can find a place and get to there. That is why they hate playing Hide & Seek with him.
    Jonathan is a "go with the flow" kind of guy. Yet when things need to be done it will get done if it for the orphanage or the tavern. Jonathan fears being caught doing something wrong and hates being rusted. He loves his job, the kids and doesn't see himself leaving Port Royal...until Sindal shows up.

Want to Have by WarriorCute
Want to Have
Thanks to (Credits): Square Enix, Otzipai-ArtChochoYatori (Paine), Zido(stage), ChyaariShootingStarBlue(pose),  ValforwingMMDKasumi2140 (Sephiroth), Otzipai-Art(Riku)

As much as he wants to, Sephiroth can't be with his son or the woman he loves. So at a distends he watches them. Staying away keeps them safe he says to himself.
Sephiroth: I want to have them close...this will have to do for now.
Interesting thing about my Download Folder. I may not or don't comment on DL I add is odd I know. I add to not forget who I am going to and need to give credit too. I want to make shore I give credit where credit is do. I know I should comment but I try to make shore they work since I have a mac that is not too kind to the MMD program. Hope you understand. Thanks.


WarriorCute's Profile Picture
Kameelah D.
United States
A Jamerican (Jamaican and American breed) born and raised in San Diego. I work most of the time. When I go out it is with friends, yet I make sure they are having fun and not getting hurt. I am quiet at first then I become talkative and funny. When super tired I just put on comfy clothes and lay in bed. I go to church when I can and go places when I can.
I have my girly side yet have a boy side to me too. Girly side likes clothes, boys and a stuffed animal on the bed. Boy side likes comics, video games and action TV. I like to learn new things, whether it be about math, movies, psychology or art (comic book art, pop art, museum galleries, medieval, etc). I cook here and there, but mainly if I have directions to read off of. Horrible I know. I also get along with kids and like animals (shocking).


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